Meet Ted

A fifth-generation Californian, Ted Gaines’ family came out west to California during the Gold Rush, leaving everything behind for the promise of a new land full of hope and possibility.

Today, wasteful spending, high taxes and burdensome regulations have made job creation and economic growth in our state more difficult than ever. As a small business owner who has operated a successful family insurance business for more than 30 years, Ted knows firsthand the effects of overbearing government regulation. That's why he has worked to simplify government and has been a tireless advocate for California’s taxpayers, ratepayers, businesses and families.

As the State Senator for the 1st District, Ted fought against California's one-size-fits-all environmental regulations and fees that unfairly targeted his taxpaying constituents and business owners. Specifically, he led the fight against the so-called “fire tax,” which illegally assessed rural and suburban homeowners in his District.

Currently, Ted represents ten million Californians as the First District Member of the State Board of Equalization, where he has continued his pro-business, pro-family taxpayer advocacy, working to ensure fairness for those property owners affected by COVID. In addition, Ted was a vital force in defeating Proposition 15 in 2020, saving property owners from more than $12 billion in new taxes each year.

As a business owner, Ted knows how important it is to maintain fiscal responsibility. He supports financially sound plans to promote infrastructure growth, a rainy-day fund to help the state manage its volatile budgets and key pension reforms that will help the state shrink its unfunded liabilities.

He has also fought to protect the privacy rights of citizens and led major efforts to bring thousands of new jobs to our state, as well as being a strong and consistent voice for lower taxes and limited government.

In addition to his work as a Board Member and Senator, Ted served in the State Assembly from 2006 to 2011. He began his public service in local government as a member of the City of Roseville's Planning Commission from 1997 to 1999. He was then elected to the Placer County Board of Supervisors in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. His range of experience from local government to the state legislature to the nation’s only elected tax board makes him a thoughtful, reasoned voice who can be trusted to bring common-sense solutions to California’s many problems.

Senator Gaines was also one of the most accessible legislators in the state, regularly holding town halls, community coffees, and other public events throughout the 1st Senate District, and he will continue that tradition post-COVID. Ted takes his role as a public servant seriously, and prides himself in providing first-class constituent service to everyone who needs his help.

Ted is an avid skier, bicyclist, runner and hiker who takes every opportunity to enjoy California's natural beauty. He is a long-time, active member of Bayside Church in addition to numerous other community, philanthropic and professional service activities.

Ted is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College. He and his wife, Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, live in El Dorado County and are blessed with six children.